Emma Davies

Emma Davies worked with the students over the course of two workshops to create an installation within Sudborough Green Lodge. This was inspired by artists Phyllida Barlow, Bob and Roberta Smith, as well as Emma’s own practice.

Students explored the art of conversation, protest art, art in contrasting scales, art that is temporary or permanent, art made from scrap, art that is beyond the borders of walls, art that can be dismantled and re-formed, art that can be multi-faceted, art that is an experience more than a product or an object, and art that can be authored by one person or as a group.

The installation was made using recycled paper, cardboard and wallpaper, with red and orange hues, plus accents of other colours dotted around the room. Students created small, abstract concertina drawings, large scale abstract painted shapes of cardboard, and expanses of wallpaper adorned with conversations and discussions, incorporating medium sized protest posters.

The students documented the work through photography, experimenting with lanterns and spotlights to create different lighting effects.

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