Virginie Litzler

In her practice, Virginie is concerned with the dialogue between people, urban spaces and motion. She observes and interacts with people in their everyday — how they belong to, and move through places. Between improvising and staging, they are together disarticulating their spines, phalanges and other bones, finding ways to communicate and experiment with gravity.

The resulting installations — often holding in equilibrium — explore the intermittent shift that occurs between the perceiving of a photograph, its constituent, its surroundings and the unpredictability of images.

Virginie’s website can be found following this link:


Current Exhibitions and Projects

Art Work Placement
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art

Art Work Placement is an initiative in which five of Fermynwoods’ Associate Artists are collaborating with a group of key businesses in the Northamptonshire. Virginie has partnered with Cosworth.
Swatch Faces 2017
Sala d’Armi, 1st Floor, Arsenal
Venice Art Biennale
Until 26 November 2017

Virignie’s photography is present at the 57th Venice Art Biennale alongside three other artists exploring the sculptural quality of images at the Sala d’Armi in the Arsenal. This series was created in response to a residency at the Swatch Art peace Hotel in Shanghai.


Recent Exhibitions and Projects

Corby, UK 

When in Shanghai, Virginie experienced Western style parks, squares and other green public spaces that she described as “ruins made of vegetation”. Inspired by that encounter, Virignie held workshops with participants to explore the potential of woodlands as vestige.

  • Public Workshop 1
    5pm – 8pm, Saturday 24 September
    Meet at entrance to Corby Cube

    Experiencing shadows in the woods at dusk, where light and technology plays with our perception. With support from Virginie’s partner, Tobias Zehntner.

  • Public Workshop 2
    10am – 1pm, Sunday 25 September
    Meet at entrance to Corby Cube

    An experiential workshop aiming to shift how we might perceive trees and feel weightlessness in the forest using a series of looking devices.

Paris, France

Paris Perpendicular was originally produced by Virginie and David Jury in 2011. It “grew out of a shared interest in extending inherent pictorial narrative beyond their photographic frame or the edges of the pages” and was an important step in the development of Virginie’s practice. In March 2016 the volume was exhibited at Le6b.

Shanghai, China

Virginie has completed a four month residency in Shanghai, creating artworks and movement notation drawings extracted from the urban environment she was experiencing.

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