Tim Simmons

Tim Simmons is based in Norfolk. Using photography and film, he explores themes of time, motion and place, and the idea that landscape acts as a link between the past and the present. Attempting to make the unseen visible, he encourages the viewer to consider on the constancy of the land, and our inherent relationship to it.You can visit his website by following this link.


Current Exhibitions and Projects

Art Work Placement
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art

Art Work Placement an initiative in which five of Fermynwoods’ Associate Artists are collaborating with a group of key businesses in the Northamptonshire. Tim has partnered with Delta Motorsport, Silverstone.

Recent Exhibitions and Projects

Clearing Installation
St Werburgh’s Chapel, Derby
March – April 2017

This work was produced for the 2017 Format International Photography Festival. Clearing, for the theme ‘Habitat’, consists of four images of a forest clearing, all photograped at 90° from the adjoining image and equidistant from its centre.

GroundWork Gallery
17 Purfleet Street King’s Lynn
PE30 1ER
4 November – 17 December 2016

Tim’s photographic prints were shown at GroundWork in King’s Lynn as part of an exhibition entitled Out of The Woods, a celebration of the 800 year anniversary of the original Charter of The Forest.


GroundWork Gallery
17 Purfleet Street King’s Lynn
PE30 1ER
16 July – 30 October 2016

Tim’s video 42.97, was shown during GroundWorks’ first show, “Sunlight and Gravity”, alongside Richard Long and Roger Ackling. 42.97 was developed as part of projects on the theme of time and latitude, exploring the idea that our experience of time and place may change depending on our location on the globe. This film explores what happens to our experience of sound at a latitude of 42.97 degrees, the point between the equator and either pole where the speed of sound and the speed of the Earth’s rotation are equal at 760 mph. As a figure navigates their way across the landscape and crosses latitude 42.97 degrees, the ambient sound is interrupted.

Undercroft, Norwich
2 – 17 July 2016
Opening times:
Wed–Sat 12-6pm
Sun 12-4pm

Tim was exhibited at The Undercroft to coincide with British Art Show 8. Two projected videos show lights positioned one mile apart on a line of latitude. The lights are flashed out of sync, and the duration between the flashes represents the time it would take to travel from one light to the other at that latitude. 


Institue of Contemporary Art, London
25 November – 24 January 2016

Tim’s photography was exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Tim’s practice ‘explores our relationship to the landscape, considering the constancy of the land and the concept that landscape acts as a link between our past and the present.’

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