Rebecca Lee

Rebecca is a musician, artist and educator. She produces audio works, performances, site-specific installations, film scores, broadcasts and publications.

Across all of these forms, location is an important consideration, as are the relationships between experiential, cognitive and cultural understandings of sound and musical materials. Using field recordings, compositions, archive materials and materials that are generated socially, she brings attention to a spectrum of listening forms and contexts. Her projects often develop through research involve other people and communities. Recent activity includes two commissions for the National Trust and being part of the Soundfjord listening programme at Full of Noises Festival, Barrow-in-Furness

Rebecca gained an MA Music (with performance) at Nottingham University, studying with Robert Adlington, Dan Grimley and Carla Rees. She has also performed with various ensembles including the Standard Hill viol consort, Los Grecos, The Rosa Trio, Rarescale Flute Academy and in 2014/15, a series of concerts with Samuel Rodgers.

Rebecca’s website can be found at this link:

Current Exhibitions and Projects

June 2017
Brewhouse Yard Museum Caves, Nottingham

Part of the ‘Sensory Engagement: Arts, Museum, and Research Collaboration for Sound Practice’ project at the University of Nottingham, bringing together practitioners and researchers to investigate new approaches to sound in heritage spaces. Rebecca is leading the collaboration with sound historian James Mansell (UoN) with UoN researchers Jonathan Hale and Mark Rawlinson. After sharing a research phase, Rebecca will develop a new installation that engages with the space and history of the Brewhouse Yard Museum Caves will be developed for public opening in summer 2017.

Recent Exhibitions and Projects

7pm – 9.30pm, 4 October 2016
St Mary Le Wigford church, Lincoln

Rebecca performed at Lincoln University’s Extra Sonic Practices event at St Mary Le Wigford church, Lincoln. The event was part of the Sonophilia Festival taking place in Lincoln at that time, she also delivered a workshop on improvisation tactics as part of the end of festival conference. On 15th November, Rebecca then worked with University of Nottingham music students in the morning before delivering a concert at Nottingham Contemporary in the evening.

Nottingham Contemporary
16 Jul 2016 – 25 Sep 2016

Rebecca composed the soundtrack for the work This Certifies That, a moving image work that looks at value, economics and the visual side of money. Along with Frank Abbott, Rebecca brought together artists and musicians to introduce and demonstrate live performance works that explored notions of uncertainty, value and decline and collective decision-making. An informal introduction to the scores that influenced the This Certifies That soundtrack in the current Yelena Popova exhibition.

20 September 2016
Nottingham Contemporary

In a live performance work at Nottingham Contemporary as part of the public programme of events accompanying Yelena Popova’s exhibition. Rebecca performed with other artists to demonstrate scores by The Scratch Orchestra and delivered a live version of the soundtrack for This Certifies That by Popova.
12 noon – 11pm
2 July 2016

Rebecca performed from the studio at Wysing Arts Centre along with Frank Abbott, Bruce Asbestos, Wayne Burrows and Reactor. This annual event featured many other artists and musicians in the line-up and this year was fully acoustic, promoting experimental approaches to use of voice, instruments and objects.

Sudborough Green Lodge, Northamptonshire
April 2016

As part of Fermynwood’s Associate Artists programme, Rebecca was invited to stay at the lodge and use the opportunity to develop a project of her choosing. The outcome was an original composition which is still being developed and a video work which can be viewed here.

Belton House, Grantham
Until 6 March 2016

Commissioned for the centenary of the establishing of a machine gun training camp on Belton Park, Rehearsing Memory, Belton 2015 explores what might mean to commemorate, in the sense of bringing to memory, the broad and complex histories and stories of the Machine Gun Corps (MGC) training camp, here in the present. The work is composed of four parts: moving image installation, film, audio walk and limited edition print. These works were presented in different spaces at Belton House, the parkland and beyond.

FON Festival, Cumbria
August 2015

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