Natural Vestige
Workshop 3

Virginie Litzler
Hazel & Thoroughsale Woods, Corby
March 2017


Virginie Litzler’s third and final Natural Vestige Workshop, taking place in Hazel and Thoroughsale Woods, Corby, saw members of the public consider more carefully what they could see in the woods by trying to make themselves invisible.

By placing themselves in photographs within the woods, participants experimented with camouflage and meditative postures to experience the woods in a new way.

“The real thing I’m taking away from these events. The thing I felt was truly shown to be important in photography, in art and likely in life at large, is to find joy in what you’re doing and to really let that guide you.

I mean sure, some of the exercises we carried out might’ve seemed a bit wacky, but the aim was never to create something out of rigorous and grim effort, it was to interact with our surroundings in ways that we’ve either forgotten how or feel too embarrassed to do anymore.

If you treat the world as something to be enjoyed like an enormous play-park and not a monster to be conquered, then you’re going to find some of that positivity showing up in everything you try.”

Chris Qualey, writer and workshops participant.

This workshop took place as part of Deep Roots Tall Trees’ Our Woods project.

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