Alternative Site Survey
By Holly Rumble

Live Art Performance

Friday 24 May, 11am-4pm
The Cube, George St, Corby, NN17 1QG


Gesture continued with a new performance by Holly Rumble, using electromagnetic pick-up coils to detect and amplify the electrical circuits embedded in the walls, floors and other spaces around the Cube. Rumble then communicated these sounds through British Sign Language, assigning a new sign for each type of sound and location.

Through the performance, Rumble created a new floor plan for the Cube; instead of depicting the physical environment and structural surroundings, the plan revealed the hidden electrical pathways.

Visitors were also invited to listen to the recorded sounds and play with the equipment to locate more electrical fields and reveal the hidden activity.

Lighting strips, automatic doors, computer screens, and PDQ machines all emited a different electromagnetic field, which were picked up by the coils attached to Rumble’s hands, as she explored the nooks and crannies of the Cube.

Through the performance, Rumble aimed to describe sonic properties using a language for the deaf. The movements of artist’s hands when signing also altered the sounds, as the sensors move over fluctuating strengths of electrical signal. The sign language spelling of “buzz” is a much more jerky gesture than “hum”, which has smoother movements, correlating to the sound itself, so the differences between the sounds and words also became apparent to audience members unfamiliar with British Sign Language.

Visually, the piece also refers to contemporary dance, with ritualistic, repeated gestures, which then generate the evolving soundtrack.


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