John Lord
Flint Knapping

10 & 11 November 2012


Members of the public were invited to join John Lord for an introduction to the prehistoric craft of Flint Knapping, in the remote location of Fermyn Woods.

Man and his ancestors have been in existence for approximately 2 million years, and only in the last 2,500 years in Britain, has mankind not been dependent on flint for tool manufacture. In that relatively short time we have lost the ability to manipulate these materials, though interest in stone is inherent to human nature.

During the period 1975 – 1988, Val and John Lord strove to master the art of flint knapping, and as they progressed they willingly shared their knowledge with members of the public. Former custodians of Neolithic flint mining site Grimes Graves; John is now the flint knapping instructor on Ray Mears’ Primitive Technology and Ancient Skills courses.

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