Open Online Four


15 November 2013 – 14 November 2014


#dawnchorus365 was an online artwork by Seven Art Writers that reinterpreted dawn every day for a year. This was the fourth in our annual presentations of online work.

One month before the launch of #dawnchorus365, Seven Art Writers tweeted observations and responses to the changing environment of their separate locations during one shared dawn. Their combined tweets played online for a total of 365 daybreaks. Each day, the performance expanded or contracted to fit the actual times of dawn and sunrise (dawn is briefest in mid-winter and longest in mid-summer, when it lasts all night).

The public were invited to join #dawnchorus365, by adding tweets to a mass dawn chorus that accumulated throughout the year. Tweeters could participate by tweeting to #dawnchorus365 during dawn hours (GMT). Observe a place you know, out of hours, and craft tweets responding to the sights and sounds of daybreak. Read the performance as it unfolds and play with language, echo and recycle the tweets of others. The tweets were collected and added to the next day’s dawn chorus online*.

#dawnchorus365 is devised by Natasha Vicars and created by Seven Art Writers collective – Mary Paterson, Tamarin Norwood, Sally Labern, Eddy Dreadnought, Tiffany Charrington, Joanna Brown and Natasha Vicars.

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