Arts Week

Woodford CE Primary School, June 2017


Our Education Officer, James Steventon, visited children at Woodford CE Primary School who had been learning about ancient Egypt. Working with James, pupils created their own sculpture of Nefertiti, an Egyptian queen.

After experimenting with a 3D scanner, pupils explored a 3D model of Nefertiti, similar to The Other Nefertiti, a 3D printed bust by artists Jan Nikolai Nelles and Nora Al-Badri.

Instead of 3D printing their design students digitally sliced the sculpture, cutting out and assembling cardboard pieces like a 3 dimensional jigsaw. Once assembled their collaborative sculpture paid more than a passiing resemblance to Nefertiti.

Afterwards, pupils scanned each other in 3 dimensions, wearing different hats to resemble Nefertiti’s head dress. The result was a series of ancient looking digital sculptures where pupils got to play the part of the Egyptian queen

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