Simon Heijdens: Tree

30 October – 6 November 2010
Corby Cube Civic Hub
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Fermynwoods Contemporary Art had commissioned a new work by Dutch artist Simon Heijdens. A full-scale image of a tree, drawn by a combination of intricate computer programming and the surrounding environmental conditions, was to be projected onto the Corby Cube from dusk each evening.

Simon Heijdens is concerned about our lack of connection with the natural environment. As more of us live and work in urban environments and indoor climates which are carefully controlled, Heijdens believes that we are becoming more isolated from unpredictable natural daily occurrences, such as a sudden stiff breeze or a shower of rain, so creates “living digital organisms” that he projects onto the facades of buildings. These unique, computer generated trees grow, sway and move in a naturalistic manner; depending on the changing climate around them as the trees respond to changes in sunshine, rainfall and wind. These trees also respond to human presence. Each time someone passes by they loose one of their leaves, becoming increasingly bare.

As a result, Heijdens’ installations trace and amplify the leftovers of nature in urban surroundings. Natural processes are carefully reproduced, poetically mirroring and thereby revealing events taking place in the nearby Hazel and Thoroughsale Woods. Corby is fortunate to have a large wooded area near to the town centre, but as individuals, we may need to slow down to nature’s pace to recognise and appreciate its unique qualities.

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