Robin Rimbaud

Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) is a composer whose work traverses the territory between sound and its environment. He experiments with technology to create absorbing, multi-layered soundscapes that connect spaces and places through the narrative of sound. Rimbaud’s new work connects language, outer space and history.

During his research he was drawn towards stories associated with Corby, including its emblem the Raven. The name of the town means “Dark as a Raven”, which suggests a very cinematic soundscape and the Raven is well known as a mythological oracle; a messenger between the Greek god Apollo and human kind. The work responds to the capacity of a raven to mimic human sounds, so recordings of ravens speaking have been spliced into emblematic phrases, both abstract and strange.

The work also reflects on stories of Corby’s links to outer space; the grandmother who composed a prayer of peace dedicated to the lost crew of the Apollo 11, and Corby’s namesake, a large crater on the planet Mars.

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Image credit: Fermynwoods Contemporary Art

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