Virginie Litzler

Cube open: Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm,
Sat, 9am – 5pm, Sun, 1pm – 4pm


As Rebecca Birch nears the end of her residency at the Cube, we are delighted to announce Virginie Litzler as our second Artist in Residence.

Virginie’s work deals with the tensions between architecture and the human body, exploring the point of resistance between these two components. What she presents is “not the disaster of a fall, nor the magical spectacle of the acrobat, but the necessary finding and holding of a point of equilibrium.”

As part of her residency, Virginie led “Shooting the Cube”, a workshop using photography to help participants engage with the architecture of the Cube, exploring its architecture and spaces from within and outside.

This was followed up by a second workshop, this time exploring movement and facilitating body awareness beyond the common understanding of the body.

The work created during her residency will be showcased in Quadrature, an exhibition presenting notations and photographic installations in various spaces around The Cube.


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