Fermynwoods’ artist residency programme is primarily based on nearby Forestry Commission land within Fermyn Woods. The renovated site of Sudborough Green Lodge is the hub for our educational activities and the delivery of our programme.

We invite international artists to undertake residencies at the site where they are encouraged to use the surrounding meadow, forest and arable land as a resource for thinking, research, learning, experimentation and creativity. Research possibilities are available through the SSSi status (Site of Special Scientific Interest) of the adjacent meadow, which supports existing and future contemporary artists whose work may incorporate a broad range of environmental issues.

Residency artists also have the opportunity to work with local and neighboring schools, community groups and the general public to inform their work during their stay.

  1. HabitatThe Listening Forest
    August – April 2015
  2. HabitatHabitat: Sophie Herxheimer
    August – September 2013
  3. Virgine LitzlerGesture: Virginie Litzler
    April – September 2013
  4. GestureGesture: Rebecca Birch
    October – April 2013
  5. Owl PrjectOwl Project
    November 2012

  6. Tomoko TakeTomoko Take
    July 2012
  7. Nikki PughNikki Pugh
    May 2012
  8. InterchangeInterchange
    12 – 25 July 2011
  9. Vidha Saumya, YoniVidha Saumya
    June — July 2010
  10. Jacques Nimki, Blowball FermJacques Nimki
  11. Claudia Fahrenkemper with KingswoodSchoolClaudia Fährenkemper
  12. Alex MetcalfAlex Metcalf
  13. MartinProthero, Carbon Light SeriesMartin Prothero
  14. Laurenz Theinert, Night LightLaurenz Theinert


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