FCA has received strategic direction and support from a Board of Trustees since it became a Company Limited by Guarantee with not-for-profit charitable objectives in 2005 and an Educational Charity in 2008.

Our current Board members and Trustees are:

  • Chair, Rhona Rowland (Managing Partner, VSH Law)
  • Graham Keddie (Artist and Lecturer)
  • Barbara Rawcliffe (Retired Teacher, Complementary Education Academy)
  • Roger Bullen (Commissioner Advisory Services at Triodos Bank)
  • Robin Rimbaud a.k.a. Scanner (Composer and Artist)
  • Elizabeth Wright (Virtual Assistane and Fundraiser)

We owe gratitude to all the Board members who have supported FCA since 2005, including:

Eppie Anderson
Lyn Blackadder
Susan Bonvin
Mark Burnell
Louise Davies
Patrick Duerden
Andrew Eden
Lee Farmer
Rachael Hargraves
Veronica Kimbell (former Chair)
Andrew Langford
Joana Neves
Paul Sibbering
Nick Slater
Tim Smith (former Chair)
David Tristram
Caroline Wright

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