Artist in Residence:
Helen Stratford


This month Helen Stratford will be artist in residence at Sudborough Green Lodge a.k.a. The Remote Lab. This focused residency is intended to help Helen develop and explore new perspectives on rural and urban environments in relation to her continuing practice.

Helen’s artistic practice is located between live art, visual art, architecture and writing. In analysing the rhythms of daily life she investigates how we can rethink the power of the built environment within social, political, economic and emotional infrastructures.

This residency is intended to give Helen the opportunity to develop an emerging line of inquiry in her practice, experimenting with an approach that facilitates experiences in architecture through creating visual and performative drawings and frameworks where participants’ interactions create and lead the work.

Performative drawing projects by Helen include Standardised Versions (Rubble) a typological artwork made with artist Craig Fisher for Wysing Arts Centre and Primary Nottingham Expanded Studio along with Pitch Marking which explores the method by which two Parish Charge hands set out a rugby pitch in the ‘new village’ of Cambourne in Cambridgeshire. Information on these works and others can be found on Helen’s website.

Image: Standardised Versions, 2016, Helen Stratford and Craig Fisher
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