Open Online Two

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art are pleased to announce that works by the following artists have been selected for our second online open exhibition, focusing on sound based works, which is now live.

Open Online 2

Sarah Boothroyd (Canada)
All In Time
Desiree D’Alessandro (USA)
World Water Shortage Vs Golf Course Consumption
Moon Young Ha (USA/South Korea)
Anthoney J Hart (UK)
A Temporal Interval
Wittwulf Y Malik (Germany)
The Sound Of Light – 7 Meditations
Jessica Rowland (UK)
Adam Stansbie (UK)
Joe Stevens (UK)
Thunder / Umm And That Was Quite Nice
Sue Tarbitten (UK)
The Language Of Cloth

FCA would like to thank artist George Barber and Matt Davenport, artist and Head of Media Arts, Broadway for their assistance in selecting the artists for this exhibition.

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